Boulder Canyon Narrows Pinnacle Views

Boulder Canyon Narrows Pinnacle Acrylic Print

Boulder Canyon Narrows Pinnacle Art

Boulder Canyon Drive goes up a beautiful canyon in the Rocky Mountains that connect Nederland and Boulder.  A scenic nature view of a rocky wall pinnacle in Boulder Canyon with the sun rising over the point.  A view in Boulder Canyon where the rock climbers like to hang out called the narrows.  This pinnacle caught my eye as the sun was just rising over it.

The first time I ever saw Boulder Canyon and may be the same for you, ( if you are older)  was in the opening credits Of the old show Mork and Mindy.  They are in a jeep riding in the canyon then some shots around town and on the Pearl Street Mall.  After seeing that I knew I had to check this place out.  The start of a love affair with Boulder County.  As a matter of fact,  at one time we used to live two doors down from the Mork and Mindy house on Pine Street and would sit on the porch drinking beer saying “NANO NANO”.  Fun times!  Great town and great memories. How about you? Have you been here? Leave a comment below.

Okay back to the canyon, it is one of the most beautiful ones on the front range.  There is a cool tunnel and Boulder Falls three 3/4 of the way up.   The best part of living on the foothills of the Rockies in Boulder County is you have many choices of canyons that all lead up to the high country above Golden, Boulder and Lyons.



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We are lucky to have about six canyons to choose from for a great scenic drive and each one is a little different.  You can even do a nice loop, up one and down another.  Boulder Canyon is the fastest way to get up top to Nederland from Boulder.   There are lots of roads and other canyons that connect to it.

So my plan for shooting on this day as I was getting a little late morning start was to head to the Canyon where the light would be right and to photograph rock climbers and anything that caught my eye.  This was one place and composition for a majestic sight.   The image is also available in black and white.  Hope you enjoy.





Boulder Canyon Narrows Pinnacle Views Art Prints

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Boulder Canyon Narrows Pinnacle Acrylic Print

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Boulder Canyon Narrows Pinnacle Views Art Prints


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