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Arc Of Lightning Over The City

Lightning Rainbow Blues Framed Print

Arc Of Lightning Over The City Art Prints

Electric Arc Of Lightning Over The City – A view to the city of Phoenix Arizona with summer monsoon lightning bolts as an electric arc overhead like a dome of lightning bolts in a deep blue night.

Normally I only post Colorado images here. but from time to time I will also post nearby states.  It is one of the beauties of living here.   There is so much to explore here but if you want to escape the snow, Arizona and Colorado go very well together. Flights are cheap and you can also drive it in one long day, or take a couple and explore Utah or New Mexico on the way.

Lightning has always been my passion and gained me the “lightning Man” status in Phoenix that started 30 years ago in 1987.   This has always been one of my favorite shots and you can see what lightning can really do.  In the Sonoran hot summer desert you can watch lightning storms like clockwork at sunset with very little rain and doing things you never thought would happen.

So some good news and some bad news here… the bad news is, it happens so quick that it is a flash in your eyes and to your brain plus it is over very quickly.  The good news is, a photographs make it possible for you to see the whole event happen and study it.  And remember safety is number one. always view from a safe distance and place.
Arc Of Lightning Over The City Art Prints
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