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Colorado Nature Landscape Fine Art Photography and Video by James “Bo” Insogna

My work chasing and capturing lightning thunderstorms as well as other nature landscapes has been an adventure that is over 30 years.  Known Internationally as “The Lightning Man .com” .  Published worldwide in magazines,  newspapers and TV.

It has always been my vision to capture nature and storms as fine art.  Some images have been worked on for years to get lightning striking in the right place, at the right time and me being there to photograph it.  Lightning can strike at the blink of an eye, now you have a chance to safely view and study all its might and beauty

Our fine art photography has always been about making magic with nature’s colors, light, movement and reflections.  A vision to transport you to a place of calming tranquil peacefulness.

Giving attention to what is not sometimes seen with the naked eye. A goal to capture a wide range of appealing subjects with hopes that when you look at an art piece it makes you go wow!

The window view art series was created as a fantasy happy place , an optical illusion,  a window to gaze out to  feed the mind and soul.

If you would like to see in real time what Bo Insogna is working visit www.BoInsogna.com, click on the image bar and you will see all current work flow of new nature landscape fine art images as they were taken.

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