Nature Lightning Thunderstorm Show



A weather photography mix of time lapse from different amazing and epic lightning storm chases.  Music: Angel of Mercy By Ethan Meixsell.

Although severe thunderstorms can be fairly small, averaging around 10 to 15 miles in diameter, and have an average lifetime of 20 to 30 minutes, they can cause a tremendous amount of damage. Severe thunderstorms can bring heavy rains, which can cause flash flooding, as well as strong winds, hail, lighting and can even spawn tornadoes.  Winds of 58mph to 85mph associated with most severe thunderstorms can peel shingles off some roofs; damage gutters, siding or other lightweight structures like carports and sheds; break tree branches; and push over shallow-rooted trees. The threat of lightning associated with severe thunderstorms can have deadly consequences.

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