Nature Comes to Life In Boulder Colorado – Video

Colorado Nature Art

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Boulder Colorado

Living in Colorado the landscape always seem to be alive with always changing scenery as the clouds and lighting is move in and out.  It is very comment to be in nice 70 degree sunny weather and watch at the same time it snowing in the high country of the Rocky Mountain Peaks.  The views here are for miles and miles.

Back in the 80’s I can remember the brown cloud that was so bad you could not see the City of Denver.  One time we were driving down I-25 heading south and you could not see the city right in front of you.  When we got south of the city you could look back and see it perfect with the wall of the brown cloud behind it.   That has changed with the EPA.  Now we get normal haze fro time to time and more from wild fires then smog.  Makes for great sunrises and sunsets that are always spectacular.

Nature comes to life in Colorado a 4K time lapse video short.  Scenic views of Boulder Flatirons, the Continental Divide, Rollinsville and more. Music: Leslie’s Strut by John Deley and The 41 Players.

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