Anvil Lightning Striking Above Haystack Mountain Panorama View

Anvil Lightning Striking Above Haystack Mountain Panorama

Anvil Lightning Striking Above Haystack Mountain Panorama Photography Prints


Extreme weather and severe thunderstorms are a common thing year round in Colorado.  Storms blow in and out pretty quickly.  The wind here can be amazing with it’s force. In the winter time when temperatures hit the 60 and 70 in the low land and foothills the cold air of the Rocky Mountains elevation and the warm air from the lower plains produces some interesting wind. Anywhere else it would be a hurricane but here it is just high winds, and I am talking  30-140 mph.

I remember in the mid eighties going skiing and all the telephone poles on hwy 93 were tilted in a very big way after some 140 mph winds.

In the spring all our weather heads out to the east of the Rockies… Nebraska and Kansas and that’s when tornadoes start to spring up. The mountain cool air hitting the warm air of the country plains.   Every year seems to get more extreme. Climate Change?

This a scenic view from north Boulder County Colorado along the foothills looking south to Haystack Mountain and Boulder.  A Lightning anvil crawler is striking above haystack like an octopus monster in the sky. A terminology used for cloud-cloud or cloud-cloud-ground lightning is “Anvil Crawler”, due to the habit of the charge typically originating from beneath or within the anvil and scrambling through the upper cloud layers of a thunderstorm, normally generating multiple branch strokes which are dramatic to witness.

Anvil Lightning Striking Above Haystack Mountain Panorama Photography Prints
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Bo is a professional photographer of over 30 years experience and his work has been published on television, magazines and newspapers worldwide. Also a 30 year veteran of storm chasing specializing in lightning thunderstorms.

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