Colorado Milky Way Autumn Night Sky

Autumn Milky Way Night Sky Canvas Print

The Milky Way rising in the southwest sky above Colorado fall foliage of aspen trees in the middle of the Rocky Mountains Sangre de Cristo Wilderness and Sawatch range. Portrait view. The Milky Way is a galaxy—a huge group of stars, gas, dust, and other matter held together in space by their mutual gravitational […]

The Magic Of Chapel On The Rock

Milky Way Perseid Meteor Shower And Chapel On The Rock Framed Print


Portrait view of historical landmark Saint Catherine of Siena Chapel or Chapel On The Rock with the milky way towering above. This church is located on the Peak to Peak Highway one of the nicest drives in all of the USA.

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Milky Way Wings

An astrophotography scenic view of camping under the milky way sky up in the high elevation of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The light clouds in the sky look like they are adding wings to the galaxy above. Reminds me of angels in the sky.

There is nothing like camping up in the Colorado high […]