Highway 7 To Heaven – Colorado In 4K

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Highway 7 To Heaven
Sit back and relax as the night sky lights up with stars and moving clouds.  A relaxing Colorado Rocky Mountain 4k Time Lapse view of the high skies and Highway 7 to Heaven as moving light, nature and art come together.  Music by Chopin. Photography Bo Insogna.

This was a fun night chasing the starry night on new moon and a lot of darkness.  The wind was wiping around at dangerous levels so we really had to pick spots where the wind was a little calmer to shoot.   This was an all night shoot till the sun came up.  There is so much people do not realize what professional photographer do to get the shots.  Lots of time and money on equipment.

I crashed early for this shoot and when awakes was hoping for some clear skies.  You could see the stars through the clouds and in Colorado you never let the weather stop you cause it changes so quickly.  The skies could open up at any time as you can see from this video they did and the clouds make for some 3D-ish effects.   Shot on a Canon 5D Mark iv.


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